Nokia 2160 - 1-Touch Dialing

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1-Touch Dialing

Press and hold the key
(2 to 8) for a few
seconds until the call
is started.

The phone recalls the phone number from memory,
displays it briefly, then dials it. To use this feature, Menu
3 3, One Touch Dialing, must be On and you must have
stored numbers in the location corresponding to the
number you pressed. See the “Personal Directory”
chapter for details on storing numbers.

Note: If you press 1


, the phone dials the number

stored with Menu 2 3, Set Voice Mailbox Number. If
you press


, the phone initiates an emergency call

only if Menu 3 4, Emergency Key 9, is set On!


Official emergency numbers vary by location (e.g. 911
or other official emergency number). Only one
emergency number is programmed into your phone to
be dialed automatically by one key emergency dialing,
which may not be the proper number in all
circumstances. One key emergency dialing does not
operate when Keyguard is in use or when the phone is
connected to a modem.