Nokia 2160 - Access Codes

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Access Codes

Your phone uses several access codes that can protect
against unauthorized use of the phone.

When requested to do so, key in the code (appears as
asterisks) and press left


(OK). If you make a keying

mistake, press


repeatedly to erase digits one at a



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Note: Avoid using access codes similar to emergency
numbers such as 911 to prevent accidental dialing of
the emergency number.

Security Code (5 digits)

Enter the 5-digit code
then left


(OK) at

Security Code: prompt.

The Security Code comes with your phone and is
required with some phone features. Keep it secret and
in a safe place, separate from the phone.

You cannot change the Security Code. If you need a
new one, contact your dealer. The default is 12345.

If you enter an incorrect security code (CODE ERROR) five
times in a row, the phone won’t accept any entries for
the next five minutes.

Lock Code

You need the 4-digit lock code to turn on the Automatic
Phone Lock in Menu 5 1, or to change the Lock Code
in Menu 5 2. The default Lock Code is 1234.