Nokia 2160 - Battery Charge

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Battery Charge

The phone gives you a warning tone and the message
BATTERY LOW when only a couple of minutes of talk time
remain. When no more battery power remains, you get
a Recharge Battery Tone and the message RECHARGE
BATTERY. The phone switches itself off.

Connect your phone directly to a charger or place it on
a charging stand with the power on or off to begin


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Note: In some vehicles, the ignition must be on in order
to charge the phone with the cigarette lighter adapter.

If the message NOT CHARGING is displayed, charging is
suspended. Check that the battery is not overheated
(over 104°F/40°C), too cold, or connected to a
non-approved charging device. Wait for a while,
connect the charger to the phone again and retry. If
charging still fails, contact qualified service personnel.

Important Battery Information

For good operation times, discharge the battery from
time to time by leaving your phone switched on until it
turns itself off or by using the battery discharge facility
of any approved accessory available for your phone. Do
not attempt to discharge the battery by any other

When a charger is not in use, disconnect it from the
power source. Do not leave the battery connected to a
charger for longer than a week; overcharging may
shorten its life.

If left unused, a fully charged battery will discharge itself
in about a week at room temperature.

When the battery is not in use, store it uncharged in a
cool, dark and dry place.

Temperature extremes affect the ability of your battery
to charge: it may require cooling or warming first.

Do not short circuit the battery. Accidental short
circuiting can occur when a metallic object (e.g. coin,
clip, or pen) causes direct connection of the + and -
terminals of the battery (metal strips on the back of the
battery), for example when you carry a spare battery in
your pocket or purse. Short circuiting the terminal may
damage the battery or the connecting object.

Use the battery only for its intended purpose.

Never use any charger or battery that is damaged or
worn out.


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Leaving the battery in hot or cold places, such as in a
closed car in summer or winter conditions, reduces the
capacity and lifetime of the battery. Always try to keep
the battery between 59


F and 77


F (15


C and 25


C). A

phone with a hot or cold battery may temporarily not
work, even if the battery is fully charged. NiMH battery
performance is particularly limited in temperatures
below 14


F (-10



The battery is a sealed unit with no serviceable parts.
Do not attempt to open the case.

Do not dispose of a battery in a fire! Dispose of used
batteries in accordance with local regulations. Recycle!