Nokia 2160 - Compact Desktop Charging Stand (CHH-2)

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Compact Desktop Charging Stand (CHH-2)

The Compact Desktop
Charging Stand (CHH-2)
allows you to place both the
phone and a spare battery for
charging at the same time in
the stand. It is compatible with
all battery options.


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The charger starts to charge the spare battery as soon
as it has finished charging the phone battery.

Connect either the Fast Travel Charger (ACH-4U) or the
Fast Cigarette Lighter Charger (LCH-2) to the stand,
and then plug the Fast Travel Charger or Fast Cigarette
Lighter Charger into a wall outlet or vehicle respectively.
Place the phone and/or the spare battery in the stand.

To discharge the spare battery, press the blue button
on the stand. When the battery is totally discharged,
recharging starts automatically. (If you wish to stop
discharging, press the button again to start the
charging right away.) Only the spare battery can be

The blinking red light indicates discharging, the
continuous red light indicates recharging and the green
light indicates trickle charging. The phone is ready for
use when the green light appears (check the charge on
the phone display).