Nokia 2160 - Menu 7, System Select

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Menu 7, System Select

In each cellular service area there are usually two
cellular operators operating public systems of type “A”
or “B”. One of the public systems (A or B) is your home
system (depending on your operator) but your phone
can work with both types of systems. With Menu 7, you
can select the type of system the phone should use.

If you have registered with several operators, use Menu
8, NAM Select, to select the current home system. The
currently-selected NAM determines which system is
currently your “home” system.

Both A&B means that when roaming, the phone first tries
to use a home-type system (such as “B” if the home
system is B). If this is not available, it then tries to use a
non-home type system (such as “A” if the home system
is B).

Hometype A or Hometype B means the phone tries to use
only a home-type system.

Non-Home A or Non-Home B means the phone tries to use
only a non-home-type system.

Home Area means the phone cannot roam at all.

Note: To use this option, your home system operator
must have a roaming agreement with the host
company whose system you try to use. Contact your
home system operator for the roaming agreements
they have with other operators.

Depending on the selection either the A or B indicator
(or both) will appear. Neither indicator appears if Home
Area is selected.


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Roaming Indicators

When the phone begins roaming, it beeps, displays
ROAMING, and lights the roaming indicator (

). For a

description of the two states of the roaming indicator,
see “The Display and Connectors” chapter. Some
cellular systems can recognize a roaming phone
automatically. In other systems, you must contact the
cellular operator before the system can recognize the
phone. You will need to give your phone number, your
phone’s ESN (electronic serial number), and how you
plan to pay for your calls. There is usually an additional
charge for roaming calls.

Note: The ESN for your cellular phone is printed under
the battery pack on the back of the phone.