Nokia 2160 - Menu 5, Security Options

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Menu 5, Security Options

Most of the phones security features require a five-digit
security code, which is normally supplied with the
phone. If you forget the security code, contact your
dealer. Since this code allows access to all the
operations of the phone, store it in a safe place,
separately from the phone.

Menu 5 1, Automatic Phone Lock

When you turn this on, the phone’s lock becomes
active after you switch the phone off and back on. With
the lock on, you must enter the lock code each time
you want to access memory and menu functions.

To enter the lockcode:

At Enter lock code: key
in the lockcode then
press left




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When the phone is locked, calls may be possible to the
emergency number programmed into your phone (e.g.
911 or other official emergency number) including calls
with the Emergency Key 9. Also, you may call the
number stored in location 100.

To answer a call with
Auto Lock on:




To call the number in
location 100 with Auto
Lock on:

▼ or ▲ then


Note: To unlock the phone permanently after locking it,
you need to enter this function and select the
OFF option.

Menu 5 2, Change Lock code

In a lock code, only digits 0 to 9 are accepted. Lock
codes are four digits long.

Menu 5 3, Restrict Calls

You can prevent the phone from dialing a number or
receiving a call. Note that none of the restriction options
prevents calls to the preprogrammed emergency
number 911.

Menu 5 3 1, Outgoing Calls

Allowed means that all calls can be made as usual.
Blocked means that no calls can be made. Limited means
that calls can be made only to phone numbers stored
in certain personal directory locations. You are
prompted for a FROM: and TO: value. For example, enter
FROM: 1 and TO: 15, to allow only calls to the numbers
stored in locations 1-15. Or, enter FROM : 3 and TO: 3, to
allow only calls to the number stored in location 3.

You can store an area code (for example, 214) in a
memory location (e.g., 15). Then select Limited, and
enter 15 in the FROM: and TO: values. You can then
make calls to only numbers starting with 214.

When calls are restricted, calls may be possible to the
emergency number programmed into your phone (e.g.
911 or other official emergency numbers).


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Menu 5 3 2, International Calls

Allowed means you can make international calls
(i.e., calls beginning with the international prefix
preprogrammed in your phone). Blocked means you
can’t make international calls with the phone.

Menu 5 3 3, Incoming Calls

Allowed means you can receive all calls. Blocked means
you can receive no calls.

Menu 5 4, Hide Memory

This function lets you hide phone numbers in your
personal directory. The names stored in the hidden
memory locations are shown on the display, but the
numbers are shown as asterisks (


To hide only one location, enter the location number at
both the Hide From: and Hide To: prompts (shown below).
To hide a series of locations, such as locations 10-15,
enter the first location, for example 10, at Hide From: and
the last location, for example 15, at Hide To:.

To hide numbers:



(Menu) 5 4

Õkey in security code
at Security code: then



Õ▼ to Yes then left



Õat Hide From: enter
first location to be
hidden then left



Õat Hide To: enter last
location to be hidden
then left