Nokia 2160 - Menu 10, Alert Options

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Menu 10, Alert Options

With Ring & Vibra the phone rings and vibrates for
incoming calls. With Ring the phone sounds a ringing
tone. With Beep Once the phone sounds a short beep.
With Vibrate the phone only vibrates. With Silent, the
phone only flashes its lights and CALL.

The vibrator function can be activated, but it functions
only if an optional vibrating battery is used (BBT-1XV).
Contact your dealer for more information.

For different ringing volume levels and tone patterns,
see Menu 3 1 and Menu 3 2.

When the phone starts to alert, you can press



mute the ringing tone. The phone continues to alert
silently by flashing the lights and the text CALL on the

When Beep once, Vibrate or Silent has been chosen, the
phone displays SILENT. Call related tones like message
received or voice mail indication beeps become shorter
with one of the above options selected.

When Silent has been chosen, Automatic Answer
(Menu 3 6) does not work.

If Vibrate is selected and no vibrating battery is attached,
the phone automatically goes into Silent mode for
incoming calls. If the phone is set to Vibrate and then
placed in a Handsfree stand, the phone rings only.

When the phone is connected to a HF desktop charger,
HF car kit, or headset, the indication mode can be set
separately for each of these accessories.